Indian Trading Post(ITP) is an app designed to provide members of the tribe with a centralized point to connect with other riders, locate dealers, and find unique accessories to customize their bikes, without having to filter out information that is not applicable to their favorite brand.  It also allows users to quickly find new and unique items to purchase that are not available on eBay or Amazon, without having to spend a lot of time looking searching sites that only offer small selections of Indian Motorcycle items.  Whether it's an exhaust system, a new seat, or even branded phone cases, ITP let users find the items they want quickly.

Most riders of Indian Motorcycles are forced to sort through content that is geared toward Harley Davidson motorcycles.  While there are literally thousands of vendors that cater to the largest portion of motorcycle enthusiasts, no one is catering to the niche market of Indian Motorcycle owners.  The fast-growing fan base of Indian Motorcycles have a significantly different demographic from other motorcycle owners, and ITP believes this niche market deserves its own place to search for things that are of interest to them.

In March, earlier this year, Polaris announced a 20% increase in sales of the Indian brand.  While other motorcycle manufacturers are experiencing slowdowns in sales, this iconic brand is roaring ahead, at the expense of the rest of the market.  Polaris is seeing buyers going into Indian dealerships in record numbers, and that interest does not appear to be waning in the slightest.  People are drawn to the history and mystique of the brand, and are anxious to be part of the tribe.

Since George M. Hendee founded a bicycle production company in 1897, Indian enthusiasts have been loyal to the brand, and we believe that loyalty should be rewarded with a community just for YOU!  ITP allows for a very focused approach to connecting with Indian Motorcycle enthusiasts, and will include blogs about Indian Motorcycles, community events, and useful information to improve your lifestyle. Most importantly, this is YOUR site, and we encourage involvement from members. We are loyal to the Indian brand as well, and look forward to being a part of YOUR community!

Featured advertisers will be able to include geo tracking that will alert users when they are within proximity to their location or special event.  If users have location services enabled on their device, they will be alerted to special events and promotions that will drive interest and promote traffic to your specific location.  This functionality, combined with the map feature of the app, will literally LEAD BUYERS TO YOUR DOOR!

  • Features include:
    • Posting photos of users’ bikes
    • Purchasing items through secure ecommerce
    • Post ads for items that users are searching for
    • News aggregator
    • Sharing maps of scenic rides
    • Special events and promotions
  • Indian Motorcycle enthusiasts
    • Average Age: 52
    • Male: 90%

Because ITP is so targeted, suppliers and vendors can expect to reach their target customers much more quickly, without having their message get lost in the crowd.  Marketing dollars spent through ITP will have a much greater impact and higher return towards building your brand and raising your awareness in the marketplace because we will be reaching Indian Motorcycle enthusiasts.

Your business has several options to chose from to build brand awareness and sell goods through ITP.  We offer banner ads, which will be visible throughout the app.  As we grow the tribe, we will be offering additional ways to increase your visibility, including exclusive sponsorship of sections of the app, and location-based advertising.  Location-based advertising will allow users that have the option enabled on their mobile device to be notified when they are within a certain proximity of your location.