Chris with bike

We Love Indian Motorcycle, too!

We get it. We Indian Motorcycle riders are a special bunch.  We cannot help ourselves.  We see something with the beautiful Indian logo and we immediately start figuring out a way to get it into the house (under the radar). There are never too many t-shirts.  You always need another hat.  Anything that we can get our hands on emblazoned with the iconic Indian Motorcycle logo is a must have for most members of this tribe.  It’s more than a motorcycle, it’s a lifestyle.  When we purchase an Indian, we find ourselves in an elite crowd.  We select our motorcycles as if they are an extension of ourselves, and outfit them as if they are new members of the family, similar to newborn babies.

Indian Trading Post(ITP) is an app designed to provide members of the tribe with a centralized point to connect with other riders, locate dealers, and find unique accessories to customize their bikes, without having to filter out information that is not applicable to their favorite brand.  It also allows users to quickly find new and unique items to purchase that are not available on eBay or Amazon, without having to spend a lot of time looking searching sites that only offer small selections of Indian Motorcycle items.  Whether it's an exhaust system, a new seat, or even branded phone cases, ITP let users find the items they want quickly.

Since George M. Hendee founded a bicycle production company in 1897, Indian enthusiasts have been loyal to the brand, and we believe that loyalty should be rewarded with a community just for YOU!  ITP allows for a very focused approach to connecting with Indian Motorcycle enthusiasts, and will include blogs about Indian Motorcycles, community events, and useful information to improve your lifestyle. Most importantly, this is YOUR site, and we encourage involvement from members. We are loyal to the Indian brand as well, and look forward to being a part of YOUR community!


Who is Indian Trading Post?

Well, aside from the obvious that ITP is you, the user; ITP was created by Chris McGhee and his wife Kimberly.  Chris has a 2016 Dark Horse, that he refers to as "Black Betty".  Betty is currently stock but Chris is planning to remove the cat and adding some Freedom pipes once the riding season is over.

Chris McGhee


Chris grew up in eastern Iowa, sadly, not anywhere near the Spirit Lake.  Chris rides his Dark Horse on the weekends when he isn't doing his day job as a corporate trainer.  He is married and has three daughters.

Kimberly McGhee

Vice President

Besides being the beauty of the outfit, Kimberly is the graphic designer for Indian Trading Post.  She grew up in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania and is married with three daughters.